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748RS for sale

2000 model 748RS basket case for sale

Motor was used in the Norwegian championship in 2000, has been club raced after but latest was a total rebuild in 2017 by Eker Motorsport (Ducati). New pistons and cylinders, new bearings and gaskets, recycled transmission and clutch. Has not been started since.

Frame is a race frame, never registered. No frame number, just hand stamped. Ducati has no record of these. Showa front and rear. (Øhlins came later).

Rear frame and body panels are race parts. Oil pan and air intake housing is CF, rest is fibreglass. Lots of parts for steering, handles, rearsets (race edition). RS exhaust, CF silencers.

All parts have smoke damage from a garage fire. Some parts have a little rust from firefighting.

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